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We design and create maps all regions of the world. To start we need some information about the map you want to have. This information MUST include:
*the map or region name (e.g. Sweden, UK and Spain etc)
*default map dimensions in pixels (e.g. 800x600px or "resizable")
*the map color (e.g. red, blue, #FFFFCC etc or "doesn’t matter")
*the list of clickable objects (e.g. the list of cities, the list of states, provinces ,the list of Airports or another specific areas you want to have as buttons)
The additional information may includes if necessary :
boundary color, boundary type, photos, sounds, videos, texts or another content you plan to put on/into/around the customized map. URLs for buttons. The description of "mouse over" effects. The brief descriptions of clickable area (e.g. "Canada map with merged Ontario and Quebec as a one button". "Canada with unlikable provinces. Ontario should be split on to parts – Southern and Northern" etc)